Vision Quest Lighting has made these technical data sheets available to the public as a service to former L&E customers to help support older discontinued products.  VQL is not responsible for any information contained in these documents unless indicated on the data sheet that VQL has reviewed the document for accuracy. 

Please feel free to contact us and we will make every effort to support you. 

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CDM Fixtures

Newport 150W Metal Halide 6" Focusing Fresnel

Cyc Lighting

ECHO Multi-Cell Feedthru Cyc Fixture

Broad Cyc - 300 to 2000W

Runt - 300-750W

Baby Broad Cyc Groundrow - 300 to 1000W

Ultra Cyc - 300 - 500W

MiniStrip MR16 Low Voltage Borderlight

Orlando 150W Metal Halide Wall Wash

Nano Strip MR11 Low Voltage Borderlight


PR38 Borderlight

PAR 16 Borderlight

Dimmable Fluorescent Striplight

Nano Strip MR11 Low Voltage Borderlight

PowerBorder (R40/PAR38 Border + Connector Strip)

MiniStrip MR16 Low Voltage Borderlight

Ellipsoidal Spotlights

3.5" Variable Focus Ellipsoidal

6" Fixed & Zoom Ellipsoidal

Flood Lights

Worklites - 150W CDM and 575W Quartz

Cranny Flood & Softlight Kit

L' Dipper

MiniFlood 1000W



EDGE 4 1/2" 575W Fresnel

EDGE 6" 1K Fresnel

Traditional 6" 750W Fresnel

Metal Halide 6" 150W Focusing Fresnel

PAR Fixtures

CORONA Die Cast 575W PAR64

PAR 64 1000W

PAR 56 - 500W

EDGE PAR 38 - 150W (Extruded Aluminum)

PAR 38 - 150W (6" Fresnel Housing)

PAR 16 - 75W

PAR 38 - 150W (Multi-Purpose Spinning)

Par 30 - 300W (Traditional Theatrical)

Prism Convex (PC) Spotlights

EDGE PC Spotlight - 575W

LED Fixtures

Onyx LED MR16 Striplight


Black Widow 150W Metal Halide Blacklight